andrea-sailingWhen I took a Sailing 101 course in December of 2016, our instructor, Captain Sara, encouraged us to keep logs of all of our time on the water. We asked what to log, and she said “Anything! ‘Winds were calm, heard a loon, ran out of gas.'”

Being a writer, I got very excited about the prospect of a log. I even had a nice Moleskine I could use. As I wrote out my first entry in ink on a page, the blogger in me kicked in, and I thought “If I blog this, maybe it will help other new sailors.” Plus it will be searchable when I try to remember something years from now and I can’t recall which log book it’s in or what year it happened.

So that’s what this is: my boating log. Most of it will likely be sailing, but my husband and kids are building a canoe, so maybe I’ll log those voyages as well. And when I go to my folks’ house in Georgia and go out in their power boat, I’ll ask my dad to teach me some things I never did myself growing up — like docking the boat — and I’ll log those as well. I hope you enjoy it!