Because one boat wasn't enough

Originally published on Butterfly Mind.

In the beginning of the summer, we bought a little wooden yawl. We knew when we bought it that it wouldn’t hold our family of four. So the most practical thing to do, since we can’t all fit in the first boat, is to build a second boat, right? So that the two people who aren’t in the sailboat have their own little boat to play in?

Yep, that’s what we thought, too. The kids love canoeing, my husband loves wooden boats, and with wooden boat kits from Chesapeake Light Craft, we thought it would be fun for the kids to help build our second boat.

They are having the time of their lives. Every weekend, our daughter asks, “Dad, are you working on the canoe?” She pouts when he works on it without her.

The kids have stitched wood, glued, clamped, sanded, applied fiberglass, and epoxied. I’ve even received text messages with videos of our daughter using power tools.

I’m not sure when the boat will be ready for launch, but it’s sure going to be a pretty canoe. I can’t wait for the kids to take me out in it.


Author: Andrea Badgley

Writer at Butterfly Mind and Andrea Reads America. Happiness Engineer with Automattic.

4 thoughts on “Because one boat wasn't enough”

  1. Hubby built himself a boat a couple of houses ago. He got the plans from the library and blew them up. We had a garage so he happily worked in there on his masterpiece. No jokes about not being able to get it out, he managed just fine. We never knew how it sailed though as we could never afford an engine for it. Also,. getting it down to the water would have been interesting as neither Yugo had a tow bar or a roof rack.
    When we moved, it came along to the next house and made a beautiful garden plant holder shelf. Now look at us!


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